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I think a lot about your legs.

How they fold in like
a broken chair and
extend out toward me
like they are
reaching for heaven.

The way they move
about my room and
the way the sun light
on them.

I think of how they
unknowingly strike
against each other
like a lazy violin and bow.

When my hands
run down them,
how the smooth of them
electrifies my fingertips.

You say,
no one has ever
fantasized about them before.

They were too busy
on your eyes,
the dimples that
pierce your lower back,
the shadow your figure makes
on their dorm room wall.

But it was those legs that
brought you to me,
at a lonely coffee shop
midday in the valley.

Long before I knew what
those legs would mean,
wrapped around my hips
in the earliest of morning.

Your calves waltzing out
the back door
and into your car,
returning to me
with a skip in its step,
one sweet limb kicking back
when my lips
welcome you home.

When You Told Me No One Has Ever Fantasized About Your Legs Before - BM 

Le swoon.

(via shadow-writer)

(via shadow-writer)